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Below are Jpegs of paintings from "H2O - Images from the West Coast" - an October 2012 Solo Show at Gallery 1313, Toronto Canada

Artist's statement for the show, click here..

Press release for the show, click here.

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Lush - Natural Aqueous Containers Need Protection

2012, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Deluge - Vital Transference

2012, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

juan De Fuca Strait, Victoria BC

Arbutus - Rising

2012, acrylic/canvas 12'w x 4'7"'h

Atmospheric Reservoir - Natural Salinity Extractor

2011, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Olympic Mountains across the Juan De Fuca Strait viewed from Victoria BC

Fury - Mother Nature Strikes Back

2011, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Gathering Storm over Juan De Fuca Strait, Victoria BC

Tranquility - Self Sustaining H2O Chamber

2011, acrylic/canvas 4'7"w x 6'h

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Statement of Purpose
Diane White
652 Head Street
Victoria BC V9A 5T1

Water - Liquid Gold

My first impression upon relocating to the west coast is that it's all about Water.

Wet, Wetter, Wettest.

My current series of paintings are about the landscape of water. Evaporation ( oceans and lakes ), transpiration ( forests ), and sublimation ( rivers, streams, underground aquifers and marshes ), are all part of the Global Hydrologic System. Soaring cloud formations, mighty mountains and ridgelines, endless oceans and lakes, and moisture laden forests. What a challenge to embrace the wetness and transfer these impressions onto canvas.

My painting structure includes panels of landscape images with a strip of text stenciled onto a coloured border. The landscape panel edges are sometimes static and at other times fluid. Static, hard edges on the paintings represent artificial boundaries imposed on the natural world. Sometimes the panels flow into each other highlighting a more authentic transference process between H2O environments. These panels react or interact with each other through form and colour. Stamped text enclosed in a border on the paintings provide an outlet for environmental messages of concern and outrage.

Sketching and photographing in the field and backcountry allow me to gather information and feel connected to my subject. I also take the time to research current and background information regarding the stresses that are impacting this environment. This has always been part of my artistic process. I'm getting to know the subject beyond surface details. I'm digging deeper.

Water is a renewable life resource and it's in trouble. There is no dispute. The evidence is irrefutable. Contaminants can be scientifically measured and identified and retraced back to the source. The culprits? - population, industry, agribusiness, and resource extraction. Oceans are natural CO2 sinks, when they become overloaded, they will start a reversing trend and release excess CO2 into the atmosphere. Steams and rivers can become vectors of disease.

We all live downstream. The true cost of unbridled contamination is loss of quality of life- eventually loss of life.

The Gold Standard. Irrelevant. There is no monetary value that could possibly reflect the significance of clean Water. Priceless.

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September 10, 2012

Vibrant Rain Soaked West Coast Imagery Surges Into Local Toronto Art Gallery.

Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen Street West at Brock) welcomes back former Toronto artist Diane White and her large, colour-saturated canvasses, Her show runs from October 17th- 28th, 2012. Reception 1-5pm Oct 20. She states, “it’s all about the water”, hence the show’s title : H2O.

White’s show has it all. The canvasses ooze moisture in its many forms; luxuriant, pulsating forests, towering black cloud formations, multi layered mountainscapes, and boulder strewn seashores. The colour and natural forms jump off the canvas. The paintings are further empowered by stenciled text, reminding us of the fragility of the natural world in the face of the onslaught of civilization.

Size matters to White and she prefers to paint large scale. Her exquisite, flowing painting titled, “Arbutus- Rising” measures 12’ X 4’7”. Its imagery dances across the space and you can sense the majesty of the entangled arbutus groves that punctuate the west coast. You are immediately transported back along some ridgeline, looking out into the ocean, encircled by an arbutus grove. What a lovely feeling. A must see exhibit. An added bonus is that White will be at the gallery both weekends to answer any questions.

Website- vanishinglandscapes.com

For more information, please contact:

Gallery 1313 416-536-6778
open 1-6pm Wed – Sun


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© Diane White, 2012