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Below are Jpegs of paintings from "H2O Under Attack" - a September 7 - Oct 3, 2013 Solo Show at Martin Batchelor Gallery,, Victoria BC Canada

Artist's statement for the show, click here..

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H2O Under Attack

2013, acrylic/canvas 12'w x 4'7"'h

Gwaii Haanas

Oil and Water

2013, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Gwaii Haanas, Moresby Landing·

H2O #2

2013, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Cowichan Lake, BC

H2O #1

2012, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h·

Cowichan Lake, BC

Lush - Natural Aqueous Containers Need Protection

2012, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Deluge - Vital Transference

2012, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

juan De Fuca Strait, Victoria BC

Atmospheric Reservoir - Natural Salinity Extractor

2011, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Olympic Mountains across the Juan De Fuca Strait viewed from Victoria BC

Fury - Mother Nature Strikes Back

2011, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7h

Gathering Storm over Juan De Fuca Strait, Victoria BC

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Statement of Purpose
Diane White
H2O Under Attack

My artwork is driven by two engines, one: landscape, Two: political awareness revolving around environmental issues. They both feed off of each other to produce paintings that challenge the viewer or confirm their beliefs. The painted landscape provides the context- the stenciled text provides the information.

Water is a renewable life resource and it’s in trouble. There is no dispute. The evidence is irrefutable. Contaminants can be scientifically measured and identified and retraced to the source. The culprits? - population, industry, agribusiness and resource extraction. Mismanagement of our most precious resource is one of the reasons for the decline in water quality and quantity.

My current art show titled, “H2O Under Attack” is a direct hit against the proposed Enbridge Pipeline running from the Alberta tar sands to Kitimat on the BC coastline. This pipeline will bring supertankers to our fragile and storm tossed coast. It transverses mountains, valleys, lakes rivers, headwaters, wetlands and subterranean aquifers.

The painting titled “H2O Under Attack” is large, ( 12’ X 4’7”) and complex in its imagery. I was lucky to visit Gwaii Haanas to visually experience the diverse ecological wonder that is intrinsic to this area. Fallen rotting stumps, soft spongy undergrowth and diffused light glow from the canvas. The past and present surround you with their quiet solitude. Some of the forest images have partial native symbols in homage to the First Nations who have been stewards of this area for centuries. Painted pipelines, mapping, tar sands visual, the proposed route and stenciled text complete the overall effect of a politically charged statement against this pipeline and all unchecked resource extraction.

We all live downstream. The true cost of unbridled contamination is loss of quality of life and life itself.

Thoughts on a Canoe Trip to Cowichan Lake- the inspiration behind paintings titled - H2O #1 and H2O #2

We thought, “why not?” go for a lovely, relaxing three day canoeing holiday to the Cowichan Lake District. It was no holiday atmosphere. Canoeing Cowichan Lake is a sobering and upsetting experience. Scarred hillsides surround the pristine lake. Clouds of dust rise from clear cutting operations. The screech of cutting timber and the roar of trucks penetrate the silence. This destruction marches onwards to Nitinat Lake, CarmanahWalbran and beyond. My heart sank and my stomach ached in response to the desolation. How to cope? We coped by averting our eyes from the hillsides and viewed the scarred landscape through the filtered lens of the water. Wonderful images from the lake bottom mingled with reflections of hills and sky and cloud formations. Hence the creation of two paintings titled H2O #1 and H2O #2. Hope sprang from the surrounding chaos.

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© Diane White, 2013