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Magnificent Mingan Archipelago

2000, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Monoliths, Monoliths, Magnificent Monoliths. What an introduction to Ile Quarry! The setting sun brings to life an unforgettable colour dynamic that leaves you awe-struck.

We Reap What We Sow

2001 acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Grande Ile in spectacular Mingan Archipelago. An overcast rainy day produces striking saturated colour and reflections. Breathtaking! This national park is situated in the shipping lanes of the mighty St. Lawrence and must be protected.

Fool's Gold

2001 acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Ile Napisco, part of the Mingan Archipelago National Park, shimmers in the afternoon sum. These amazing islands are deserts of rock and monoliths.


2004 acrylic/canvas 4'7"w x 6'h

Majestic monoliths rule Mingan Archipelago. Erosion, shipping traffic and pollution is a constant threat along the St. Lawrence. Monstrous aluminum plants produce enormous risks to the watershed and the air quality


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