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Help! I'm Melting

2003 acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Icebergs! Icebergs! Icebergs! Awesome! Overwhelming! Majestic! Simple lines. Marvelous colour! Minimalist art at its best. Forceful structures removed from their natural settings. Displaced. Captivating. Image courtesy Iceberg Alley, Newfoundland.

Severed Connection

2003 acrylic/ canvas 4'7"w x 6'h

Wonderful shorelines echo past lives forever changed because of the condition of the fishery. Newfoundland is about the sea. Surrounded by the sea. People have breathed the sea, worked the sea and played in the sea and now, tragically have to redefine the their place.


2003 acrylic/ canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Icebergs floating out to sea giving marvelous images of a distant shore. Twillingate, Newfoundland.


© Diane White, 2004