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2004, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Scarborough Bluffs, Bluffers Park. Winter light reflects off the stark surfaces of the Bluffs. Urban sprawl and overuse are still a concern.

Rest In Pieces

2003, acrylic/canvas 4'7"w x 5'9"h

These magnificent rock faces in Bluffers Park (Scarborough) suffer from constant erosion and the effects of urban sprawl. Easily accessible - easily damaged. The winter light casts an eerie glow on the cliff side.

Lookout - We're Coming

2002, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

A wonderful, upturned, tree root is highlighted by the setting sum. Forays along the Bruce Trail continue to offer hidden treasures along its paths. Urban sprawl is sometimes only steps away making it important to keep this marvelous trail protected.

In Roads - Out Roads

2002, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

Algonquin Park backcountry is interwoven with natural highways of rivers and lakes. This park, as well as others, are under constant stress imposed by natural resource exploration, sports hunting, logging, and increased influx of traffic (people, trains, cars)..

Don't Fall for the Sprawl

2001, acrylic/canvas 4'7"w x 6'h

Winter has descended upon Webster's Falls situated in Spencer Gorge in Dundas, Ontario ( Bruce Trail ). Frozen water and spray-soaked tree branches seem suspended in time. Keepers of the Bruce Trail are to be commended for their untiring efforts to protect and preserve one of Canada's most important environments which includes the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Free For All

2001, acrylic/canvas 6'w x 4'7"h

This scene was taken in the fall of 2000 in Algonquin Park at Rosebary Lake. The enormous driftwood in the foreground shimmered in the light rainfall. Cascading fall colours provided a vibrant backdrop. Enormous pressure to further open our parks to resource exploitation and increased sports hunting is unacceptable.

What Goes Around Comes Around

2001, acrylic/canvas 4'7"w x 6'h

Like most areas along the Bruce Trail there is constant concern regarding overuse and urban sprawl. It would be a shame to lose areas such as Tiffany Falls (Dundas Section).


© Diane White, 2004